The World Ended, What You See Around You Now is Limbo

Well, no it didn’t.  But I sure heard a lot of people claiming it was going to end on May 21, 2011.  There was a boatload of people who not only thought it was going to end, but were so sure that they made otherwise questionable life/financial changes in anticipation of it.  Here is one:

When the world didn’t end on May 21, many people who had given up their earthly possessions were left with nothing.

But one believer never lived to see the day. She left nearly her entire estate — around $300,000 — to the group behind the failed prediction, leaving some family members out in the cold.


Eileen Heuwetter was shocked to find out that her aunt left the majority of her estate to Family Radio, the group responsible for the doomsday warnings that the world would end on May 21. She and her sister were each left $25,000 from their aunt’s estate. The rest is going to Family Radio.

So some old lady left most of her money to a radio station she liked and a little bit to her nieces.  Her nieces are pissed because they think the doomsday prophet dude is a sham.  But my entire point of posting this article is summed up in the following line:

Even worse, Heuwetter said, his prediction never came to fruition.

So, what they are saying here, is the very worst thing about this whole situation is that the world DIDN’T end.  Just wanted to clear that up.

Well, here is a completely unrelated headline:

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