On further review, good idea

Let’s be honest, if you announce your suicide on Facebook and none of your friends even bother to care, you’re on the right track

Forty-two year-old Simone Back announced her intention to commit suicide in a status update on Facebook–and not one of her over 1,000 Facebook friends reached out in person to help.

According to the Daily Mail, Back, who committed suicide on Christmas Day, wrote in her Facebook status, “Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.”

Depression is of course a very serious problem and I have sympathy for anyone who suffers from it. I’m just saying, next time, throw in a few farmville items and maybe someone will notice. Oh wait, did I just write “next time”?

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One Response to On further review, good idea

  1. Bob says:

    Bob sends JC no hearts. JC’s heart rate is now zero beats per minute! He’s dead!