Anderson Cooper, Journalist

I don’t really fault Kirk Cameron for this. He’s absolutely nuts, but not even a needle in our pile-of-shit-stack problems worth discussing these days. And everyone who isn’t suffering from similar delusions writes him off as a nut job too, so we’re cool. But Cooper likes to prance around at natural disasters pretending to care. And every time he does, I have to argue with the future-ex-of-the-moment to explain how he’s a giant phony who roots for tragedy. Maybe next time I’ll just offer up this post and video, courtesy of Unreasonable Faith

You may have heard about the strange case of the mass bird deaths in Arkansas. As part of the coverage, Anderson Cooper brought on noted expert, Kirk Cameron, to discuss the theories that are …… wait, what?

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7 Responses to Anderson Cooper, Journalist

  1. Bob says:

    He plugged his new movie. That’s what drove this interview, I think. Still, weird.

  2. JC says:

    Did you see his reaction in the beginning? Even he seemed surprised to be asked about it.

  3. Bob says:

    Yeah, like as in :”maybe you should ask a vetrinarian” ha!

  4. Beth Smart says:

    It is the governments making these plays. They are using the Bible as their timeline, and they are creating all kinds of distractions, to benefit their own agenda, so these idiots, can stuff the people in these 2×4 rooms, also do away with many people. Yes, we will have judgement day coming upon us, and we will have to answer to the Lord. But these kahuna’s are using God’s roadmap.. and many blame God for all these actions going on, but it is not His doings.. It is satan.( masons in the elites and in all the governments) and people are running to this new religion called luciferism. (the fastfood quickfix feel good religion.) But we know who lucifer sides with. It is a very spiritual war as well as having an earthly mission.
    These bird and fish kill have got to have a common denominator.. Thanks

  5. Bob says:

    Yes, Beth, you are absolutely correct. Tell us more please!

  6. JC says:

    To be clear, I haven’t sided with anyone yet. It’s too damn hot down here to make any sort of decisions.

  7. Erik says:

    Psychologists have a word for people who hear a voice in their head (be it the voice of god, Elvis, or an imaginary friend): schizophrenia.