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Hello, me again

Ricky Gervais hosted – some say accosted – the Golden Globes this past weekend and is under fire for crossing too many lines. I of course didn’t watch the interminable show, but I did watch the highlights of Ricky’s bits … Continue reading

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Favorite Television Shows of All-Time

(All Time I say!) A drunken conversation with my friends about my ten favorite South Park episodes eventually led us to listing our 10 favorite television shows. As insufferable a conversation as that sounds to have to listen to, here … Continue reading

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I am torn

about Westboro Baptist Church’s right to protest funerals.  Well let me adjust that;  since it currently falls within their free speech rights to protest funerals, I guess I am not.  They are allowed to do it.  Even allowed are their … Continue reading

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So the Seahawks got no respect from the media . . .

 . . . oh, wait, that is an atomic understatement.  Look at this, from The 2010 Saints essentially became the first wild card team in history to get a bye when they drew the matchup against the hapless/fruitless/pathetic/laughabl e/embarrassing … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

Sometimes I ponder things.  Well, a lot of times I ponder things.  Recently I was pondering the rate at which sunrise and sunset times are changing.  My intuition told me that sunrise times must resemble a sine curve, slowing down … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper, Journalist

I don’t really fault Kirk Cameron for this. He’s absolutely nuts, but not even a needle in our pile-of-shit-stack problems worth discussing these days. And everyone who isn’t suffering from similar delusions writes him off as a nut job too, … Continue reading

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On further review, good idea

Let’s be honest, if you announce your suicide on Facebook and none of your friends even bother to care, you’re on the right track Forty-two year-old Simone Back announced her intention to commit suicide in a status update on Facebook–and not … Continue reading

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Finally . . .

Religious people seriously annoy me.

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