Westboro Batpist Church is typically Christian

in that they hate Jews and homosexuals (can you imagine what they think about a Jewish homosexual, and let me tell you, there are a bunch of those.)  But they seem a bit extreme – their website is called www.godhatesfags.com.  Furthermore, they have now decided to protest the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards.  This shows me that they are now doing this purely for press coverage, as I can’t imagine the real point of protesting Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral.

EDIT:  After posting this, I came across an interview with Megan Phelps, granddaughter of Fred Phelps who runs WBC.  Holy crap:

MP: Here’s what you have to understand about most religion today: it’s fake. Most people don’t follow the standards of God. We picket a lot of churches, Catholic and Protestant, because those people claim that they are preaching what the Bible says. And instead of saying what the Bible actually says – that God hates people, that you have a duty to obey God – they say, “God loves everyone” and, essentially, “You can live like the devil and still expect to go to Heaven when you die.”

She harps on the fact that God hates people a lot.  The interview is lengthy, but it is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a religious lunatic (redundancy?)

However, if their church was comprised of the people pictured below, I would definitely attend:

EDIT #2:  I realized I spelled “baptist” in the title like this: “batpist.”  But, since I like that word sounding like “bat pissed”, ima keep it that way, foo!

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