Normally I defend gay people

But this doesn’t make sense to me. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup.  Qatar has laws against homosexuality.  The FIFA guy was asked “what should gays do if they go to Qatar for the World Cup?”:

“I would say that they should refrain from sexual activities,” Blatter answered on Monday, after a long pause.

People in the gay community apparently don’t like this response.  This answer may come across as abrasive, but what is he supposed to say?  What would you say?  It’s illegal there.  Should it be illegal?  That does not matter.  It is.  Personally, if I ever go to the Middle East – which I am not going to be anytime soon – I am going to obey all local laws.  This is not an area where one should be fucking around.  They kill women for adultery you know.

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