I want to send the Cliff Lee some flowers

Maybe even one of those edible arrangement things made of fruit – boy are they good!  See, Cliff Lee apparently decided to forgo about $30 million dollars to NOT play for the Yankees.  Good for him!

When the news broke at the midnight hour on the East Coast that Lee had agreed to a contract with the Phillies for five years and about $120 million — some two years and almost $30 million less than his highest offer — there was still little clarity on many unanswered questions.

 . . .

And the notion of baseball-player-as-mercenary has taken a hit, as a man who could have made history with the second-largest contract ever given to a pitcher instead rejected that offer to play where he felt most comfortable. It’s a move surely to be wildly popular not just among Philadelphia fans but also throughout baseball — except, of course, in Texas and New York, who are now scrambling for backup plans.

I think saying that NY is “scrambling” for a back-up plan is probably a little strong for a team with a payroll the size that it is, but I am happy that they are sad.  Is that bad?  I don’t really care if it is . . .

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2 Responses to I want to send the Cliff Lee some flowers

  1. Seth says:

    I, too want to send Clifton a thank you card. Perhaps now every fan of a small market team whose ownership refuses to put their money into the on the field product and instead chooses to pocket their allotment of Steinbrenner bucks can whine about the Phillies for a change. But they probably won’t.

    Also, sorry Mets fans. That’s just frigging brutal.

  2. Bob says:

    People whine about the yankees outrageous payroll and I have long heard the rebuttal of “yeah, but your team doesn’t invest in the players on the field” thing. As a deflation tool for this argument, I present that the Yankees pocket more money than any other team – whereas the Royals pocket the least.
    HOWEVER, the yankees do have the highest percentage of revenue on the field. And that’s something, I suppose. The whole thing is skewed because the Yankees bring in so much revenue. Meh.