And I thought our war on drugs was stupid . . . this takes the rice cake

The title of this post came from a commenter on this story named NotHuman.  So China shut down 60,000 pornographic websites:

(CNN)— China’s anti-pornography campaign shut down more than 60,000 pornographic websites this year, with police investigating almost 2,200 criminal cases, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported Thursday.

Wang Chen, director of the Information Office of the State Council, said at a news conference that some 350 million pieces of pornographic and indecent internet content were eliminated, according to the Xinhua report.

—So the guy who “eliminated” 350 million pieces of porn was named “Wang”?  Really?  Who writes this???—

—Seacrest out—

The government launched a special campaign a year ago to rid the internet of pornographic and vulgar content, Xinhua reported.

A project to rid the internet of pornographic and vulgar content?  Such a thought would qualify well into absurd-o-land EXCEPT, it seems that they’re doing it.  And it’s China.  They tried to hide a lot of their problems from the world during the Olympics which I thought would never work . . . but it did.  Maybe they CAN pull this off.

Barely related in importance is this:

Xinhua reported that Wang’s office has received more than 170,000 tip-offs this year, mostly about online or cellphone-based pornography, with 534 people getting rewards totaling 544,000 yuan (U.S. $81,964) for providing information.

534 people getting a total of $81,964???  That’s an AVERAGE of $153!  Who cares about that???  Wait . . . unless you live in China . . . maybe they really CAN pull this off! 


Okay okay, I know, that’s not pornography, but I’ll put some in . . . sometime.

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