I don’t really give a damn about the “Royal Family”

but when I read this:

“The royal family will pay for the wedding, following the precedence set by the marriages of the prince and princess of Wales in 1981 and Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947,” Prince Charles’ spokeswoman said in a statement.

I laughed to think about the gargantuan sigh of relief exhaled by Kate Middleton’s father upon learning that he wouldn’t be on the hook to pay for his daughter’s wedding to┬áthe future King of England.

-yes, I know he probably knew that already, let me have my cartoon fantasy.

-yes, I also know that┬áKate Middleton’s father is also probably pretty stoked in general.

-yes, I know that Kate Middleton’s mother only focuses on the negative – even though her daughter is marrying the fucking future King of England.

-yes, I know that I made that last one up.


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