Because Banning the Real Stuff Just Isn’t Good Enough

Feds move to ban chemicals used to make ‘fake pot’” is the actual title of the article.  Aside from the regular list of things I might say about this, it amuses/disgusts me that our federal government is, well look:

The emergency ban will be in place for a year as federal officials study whether the products and chemicals should be permanently controlled, it said.

Synthetic weed causes an “emergency ban?”  Really?  I get so irritated at the order of priority of our federal government. 

The five targeted chemicals are identified as JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47497 and cannabicyclohexanol.

The letters JWH in those chemicals stand for John W. Huffman, the inventor of it.  He wasn’t much of a hippie, but that is not why I included the above paragraph.  The above paragraph was included because it inspired me to imagine Jimi Hendrix flying along in his Weed-Dream-Car which runs on pure cannabicyclohexanol.  Go Jimi.  Go.

P.S.  JC, if you ever return from Iran, please add “Weed-Dream-Car” to our list of tags.

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