A Serious Threat to National Security

So I saw this article.  And I had seen similar ones before.  Aside from commentary that would normally be directed at how stupid it is to spend federal dollars trying to capture weed, I would rather just point out the following characteristically accurate ignorance:

There, authorities who had been tracking the shipment found the truck filled “top to bottom, front to back” with 27,000 600-pound packages of marijuana, Unzueta said.

27,000  600 pound packages?  That would be 16.2 million pounds!  This 30 ton bust has turned into a 8,100 ton extravaganza!  I fiddled with the numbers and decided that they must have just made this up for fun.

Unzueta estimated that all the marijuana seized Thursday could have sold wholesale for $17 million to $20 million or — as Partridge estimated — been equal to 16 million to 17 million individual 1-gram joints.

$17 to $20 million for 30 tons? That’s less then$335 a pound.  Either that’s some shitty weed or I want in. (Unless it’s the 8,100 tons they’re referring to, in which case it’s $1.23 a pound.)

But the real gem of this mailed-in piece of journalistic garbage is this:

“Internal drug traffickers are using transborder tunnels to import tons of marijuana into the United States,” Robinson said. “Clearly, these transborder tunnels pose a significant threat to our national security as well.”

Honestly, this pipeline of hay-masking-as-pot is a threat to our national security?  A reward of 85 Internets (!) is now being offered by SoT for a satisfactory answer to how this makes sense.  I’m ready for your ideas.

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