What is the acceptable distance between a mosque and the site of a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist attack?

Three blocks you say? Missed it by that much.

To recap: a bunch of religious wackos creatively flew some jetliners into buildings, killing a whole bunch of people and leaving us a nice, tidy, symbolic marker in history for when America began its final tailspin into the abyss of failed democratic nations.

Fast-forward nine years and we have some muslims, in no way related to the aforementioned plane-flying wackos, who wish to have a mosque that is in no way on the same site of the actual terrorist attack.

Here enters the ridiculously corrupt and power hungry NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission – whose mere existence is absurd – to arbitrary declare that the site for the proposed mosque is just a swell place for building stuff, though no one in particular asked them to do so. Which has sparked a lawsuit from an organization known as the American Center for Law and Justice, started by another religious wacko, Pat Robertson, who would no doubt support flying a plane into a building, providing a christian was behind the yolk and the building was the YMCA.

At which point, friend-of-the-people (providing you’re only eating food he wants you to eat and not standing in the way of his next term) Mayor Michael Bloomberg added

“Political controversies come and go, but there is no neighborhood in our city that is off limits to God’s love and mercyā€¯

To which, when asked for a reply, the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen had no comment.

I on the other hand, having found no quarter in this story, have decided to treat this as I do the ex when I see her in the supermarket: avoid eye contact, head for the exit as quickly as possible, and remind myself that it’s never a good idea to get in bed with wackos.

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3 Responses to What is the acceptable distance between a mosque and the site of a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist attack?

  1. Bob says:

    Which ex is that?

  2. JC says:

    The one who works at the New Seasons supermarket in North Portland. They have great produce.

  3. Bob says:

    Nice melons, you say?