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Look at these numbers.

We kept giving the dog scraps from the table and now it won’t stop begging no matter how much we scream at it.

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This Kind of Thing MUST Be Fought

See, here’s the thing.  When it is legal for someone to sneak onto your property and put a tracking device on your car it’s bad, but when they can do this without a warrant, it’s downright scary.  I’ve spent the … Continue reading

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The Break is Over!

While JC is still trapped 2300 feet below the ground in a mine in Chile, I am back from North Korea, where I helped Jimmy Carter free a trespasser <read: don’t go to North Korea in the first place you fucking moron> … Continue reading

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What is the acceptable distance between a mosque and the site of a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist attack?

Three blocks you say? Missed it by that much. To recap: a bunch of religious wackos creatively flew some jetliners into buildings, killing a whole bunch of people and leaving us a nice, tidy, symbolic marker in history for when … Continue reading

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I’m glad our tax dollars are being spent wisely.

Oh, no, wait . . . they’re not. (CNN) — The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has threatened Wikipedia with legal action if the online encyclopedia doesn’t remove the FBI’s seal from its site. Here is how I feel about it:

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