Work sucks and other truths

Being knee-deep in multiple projects at work has left me little time to post, so let me quickly suggest a movie (yeah, no time to post, but I have time to watch movies. I’m awesome). The Invention of Lying, starring SoT favorite Ricky Gervais, is an okay movie made better by a certain, over-arching theme, one that doesn’t get a lot of play here in the colonies. I’ll give you a small hint: If you know what the red A on this site means and you agree, you should see this movie to be vindicated. If you know what the red A on this site means and find it vile, you should see this movie because I enjoy the thought of your discomfort. If neither is true, you could um, just click on the red A.

Hats off to Ricky for having some balls. They’re more That-70’s-Show-covering-marijuana balls (season 1 of course) than Syriana-go-fuck-yourself-America balls, but hey, I’m overworked and sleep-deprived, so good enough for me.

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