This is comical

So our crack team of USA people uncover a spy ring and arrest 10 suspected Russian spies.  Oddly, they decide to tell the media outlets of the world about it.  Then, an 11th spy is caught in Cyprus, but that guy is RELEASED ON BAIL.  I read about that a yesterday and I thought then, “why in the world would they release a spy on bail?”  Well, now look at what has happened:

A suspected Russian spy is missing after being arrested in Cyprus and released on bail, a police spokesman told CNN on Wednesday.

Authorities arrested Robert Christopher Metsos, 55, in Larnaca after an Interpol “red notice” was served on him, Cypriot police said Tuesday.

Police said he was released on bail pending further proceedings but was told not to leave the country and was ordered to check in nightly with police. He did not check in Wednesday, and police are searching for him, a spokesman said.

Metsos is among 11 suspects in an alleged Russian spy ring in the United States.

“Told not to leave the country.”  That ought to do it.  This is so keystone-koppish (or, more likely, bribed-judgish) it’s pathetic. 

In other news, this is how I like bacon:

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4 Responses to This is comical

  1. Bob says:

    “Cypriot” is a funny word. I think, however, I would like “Cyprusian” better. It sounds so Star-Warsy.

  2. JC says:

    Spies are cool. I wish I had a cool job like that.

    And some bacon-boobs. Yum!

  3. JC says:

    I watch Burn Notice….and I watched the first 2.1 seasons of MI5 until they killed off all the stars because they’re British and crazy.

    My point being, I’m already 75% qualified.