Screw you, Joe Buck

As I sit here watching the 2010 MLB All-Star Game Snoozefest, I want to make the point to anyone who cares (which is nobody) that I still hate Joe Buck. In addition to pretending that ads aren’t ads (see: World Series / Chevy commercial) and his hair is still brown, I give you this reminder of an interview from a couple of years ago

Joe Buck was on ESPN Radio this morning, and you can’t make this stuff up, said he doesn’t enjoy Baseball anymore and chooses to watch the Bachlorette over nightly Sports telecasts during the week

Every time I think I’m over this crap, a douche like Chris Rose starts the All-Star telecast by claiming David Wright from Tampa Bay is the starting pitcher for the AL, confirming yet again that Fox doesn’t give a rat’s ass and we’re fortunate they even remembered to take the lens caps off.

Also, I forgot to buy beer at the store tonight.

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5 Responses to Screw you, Joe Buck

  1. Bob says:

    To be fair, the night before, during the home run derby, Bobby Valentine (who I KNOW you masturbate to) called David Ortiz: “Jose Ortiz”. So there’s that. Also, I like Joe Buck – and with two little kids, I don’t ENTIRELY disagree with what he said in that interview, but if I were him (someone whose job it is to announce sporting events to huge audiences), I would not have said it.

  2. JC says:

    Kids are seemingly used as an excuse for everything and BBK (Bob Before Kids) would not have put up with this.

    “I can’t come to work today, my kids are sick”

    “I have to leave work early today, my kids need to be picked up.”

    “I don’t even have to do my damn job, my kids are alive”

    “I have to take a few months off and you can’t fire me, my kids are dead”

    etc., etc.


  3. Bob says:

    A few things:
    1. My excuse for not watching much baseball is being busy with kids, but Joe Buck really simply said he would rather watch the Bachelorette then baseball. So yeah, fuck him.
    2. You’re right, BBK would not have stood for that, but that doesn’t mean much now because I’m BWK.
    3. I noticed that you had no defense regarding masturbating to Bobby Valentine.

  4. JC says:

    Did Bobby correct himself? Did it happen at the VERY INTRODUCTION of the entire broadcast? Ya know, the only thing Chris Rose is there for (a 15 second intro).

    Besides, everyone knows that last names are the important ones 😉

  5. Bob says:

    I want to make this very clear. I was not talking about you defending Bobby Valentine. I was talking about you defending the fact that you masturbate to Bobby Valentine. Seacrest out.