Thoughts on the World Cup

  • Don’t be fooled by the USA’s comeback on Slovenia, this is not a good American side. The US has some athletes, and Donovan is quality, but they have looked horrid on defense and failed to impress me on the attack. I am not confident that they will beat Algeria. It’s more likely that we’ll draw and England will wake up against Slovenia, sending us crashing home.
  • Luck tends to even itself out is a saying usually uttered by rich people, but I’ll use it here to describe the US. They were lucky to draw England and they were unlucky to have that whistle disallow the third goal against Slovenia. We’re even. The team, the fans and the media need to get over it.
  • I bet Bob Bradley is a nice guy, just like Mr. Saint-Lawrence, my high school gym teacher, was a nice guy. Neither one is qualified to take the US on a serious WC challenge. Being smarter than Corky from Life Goes On Bruce Arena is hardly an accomplishment. When the US does go home I hope someone considers a change to a real coach, one who applies a team strategy that could match up against the better national sides.
  • If this WC has taught me nothing else, I’ve learned just how top heavy European club football really is. I have little doubt that Barcelona, Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Man United would beat any of the national sides on display in South Africa. Well, okay, not Madrid, but they do field a more skilled group of players.
  • Japan has impressed me more than any of the other I thought they’d suck sides and I will be disappointed if they don’t qualify from a very tough group.
  • I’ll have to assume that ESPN being owned by Disney is the reason we haven’t seen more boobage on the broadcasts. Usually these things are good for three to four shots of crowd hotties per day, but I can’t recall seeing one South American bouncing around. Let me be the first to start the petition for Fox to get the broadcast rights in 2014 (it is in Brazil, after all).
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