This study is bogus

Coffee drinkers don’t gain alertness is the conclusion drawn from a “study” at the University of Bristol in England. Here’s why the whole thing is nonsense

During the experiment, neither the participants nor the researchers knew who was consuming caffeine or a placebo.

I’ve only been a coffee drinking snob since I moved to Portland a couple of years back, yet even I can tell when I’m drinking coffee with caffeine in it and when I’m drinking some BS decaf crap. They expect me to believe that this study featured frequent [coffee] consumers?

It’s like when I was living in Brooklyn and the only dealer available at 3:00 am would show up with a dime bag of 90% baking soda.  I knew it was cut to shit the moment I snorted it. Sure, I still paid the man, but that didn’t stop me from complaining after he left. Druggies know when the drugs aren’t in the drugs. Believe it!

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One Response to This study is bogus

  1. Bob says:

    I mean, it’s a given that it’s gonna have like, 40-50% soda in it, but 90% is just ridiculous. A waste of money AND time.