I really hope he wins this.

So this guy is suing Wal*Mart (Always lower wages.  Always.) because they fired him after he had a positive drug test.  But he was prescribed the drug by a doctor.  So why the problem?  Because the drug is one that much of the country thinks is evil and bad and naughty and evil due to a boatload of propaganda surrounding it in the 1930s – especially the aptly-titled movie: Reefer Madness.

“No patient should be forced to choose between adequate pain relief and gainful employment, and no employer should be allowed to intrude upon private medical choices made by employees in consultation with their doctors,” Michelman said.

Wal-Mart officials say they are sympathetic to Casias’ condition, but the company needed to put the safety of its customers and associates first.

Safety?  Really?  Are they afraid he’s going to steal some Twinkies?  Besides, the guy doesn’t smoke before work.  Oh, bother, I could go on and on, but I’d rather just go smoke some pot.

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