Hey New York, Your Taxes Pay for This!

I’ve been feeling a little down on Portland lately and it’s not just because the masseuses don’t appreciate a good grope. Truthfully, the dating scene in PDX is getting to me. Sure, there’s lot of quantity (particularly if you have hair and a job), but the quality is lacking (I’m referring personality too. Really. No really). It’s enough of an issue to make me question where and when I’ll move next. I suppose I can take comfort in knowing that if I head back to New York – which is doubtful – I might even get a free date, courtesy of the taxpayers

The project, which began June 3, invests regular New Yorkers or anyone else who happens by with the powers of magnanimity usually reserved for the city’s highest officeholder: to bestow a key to New York on a person of their choice, granting extraordinary access to generally off-limits parts of a no-entry-to-unauthorized-personnel kind of city.

Participants stand in line at the kiosk, fill out a short form (that’s for the sake of ceremony; no e-mail address or other personal information is required) and proceed to a small square of artificial turf amid the Midtown skyscrapers. There, they sign their names in a big ledger and engage in the awarding of the key — “by the power temporarily granted to me and this work of art.”

One winner is using the opportunity – funded by local, state and federal (ah, crap!) governments – to possibly offer up her generally off-limits parts

She would arrange 24 dates over the course of the summer around the 24 key sites. And naturally she would blog about it

Oh, naturally.

Now I’m not holding it against this girl for using her prize as an opportunity to blog, date, whatever. I’m merely pointing out the lunacy of the prize itself. With spending and deficits out of control, can we please start considering the legitimacy of funding public arts, a topic that all too generally is off-limits.

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