City Of Synthetic

So I had heard of drugs being synthetically recreated under a similar but different chemical makeup that, since they didn’t exist prior to their invention, hadn’t been made illegal yet.  I love that.  But I had never heard of it happening to weed.  Well, it has.  Listen to the reaction of one user:

“Wow … I was inside the matrix of hell for like 4 hrs. I have never been that high in my whole (expletive) life. It took me like six hrs. to find my hotel. I didn’t know my own (expletive) name.”

My oh my.  It should go without saying that I am curious to try this product, but more importantly, it represents another potential step toward legalization of pot, to wit:

For some, the synthetic pot could reinforce the need to legalize traditional marijuana, since it’s not as potent and has been studied extensively.

i.e., if they would legalize the stuff we know about, people wouldn’t need to create this weird shit that gets around those stupid laws and might just fuck your mind like a drunk prom queen.

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  1. Bill Krieger says:

    Seeing Mud Girl made me think of several things: what part of this would Lieberman’s bill allow the President to close down from the Internet; where is this mud bath; and are you sure that we’re all the descendents of one genetic Ur-parent? Those are my thoughts from having seen Mud Girl. The other stuff here is also great.