“Kevorkian” Sounds Like An Adjective

So Dr. Sanjay interviews Dr. Kevorkian.  Dr. K is a pretty cool guy, I think.  It’s strange to me why people care if other people they do not know want to kill themselves, but they do. 

I especially like Dr. K’s three missions:

He wants to tell mankind about “impending doom.” He worries that our culture of overabundance will soon lead to the extinction of the human race. “I am not going to be too popular for that one.”

His second mission is to educate people about patholysis. “They just don’t get it in Oregon, ” he said. “Or in Washington state or Montana, the other states,” where assisted suicide has been legalized. In those states, a person has to be considered terminal in order to qualify for assisted suicide.

“What difference does it make if someone is terminal?” he said. “We are all terminal.”

His third mission is to convince the American public that their rights are infringed upon each and every day — and that the Ninth Amendment is not being upheld. Everything from banning smoking in public places, to assisted suicide, euthanasia and patholysis.

I find it intriguing that he is annoyed with the three states that allow assisted suicide because they only allow it if they are terminal.

For me, when it is my time, if I have a say in it, I’ll be taking a boatload of drugs to kill myself.

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2 Responses to “Kevorkian” Sounds Like An Adjective

  1. JC says:

    So, business as usual?

  2. Bob says:

    Well, um, yeah, but with a different motive. See? It’s the motive that changed.