Jon Lovitz is a Dead Beat Fan

Courtesy of Amazin Avenue, we learn that unfunny SNL alum Jon Lovitz is being sued by the LA Dodgers

Actor/comic Jon Lovitz and others are being sued by the Los Angeles Dodgers over claims they failed to pay nearly $100,000 for season tickets for the 2010 baseball season.

I can’t imagine why anyone would think Jon Lovitz has that kind of money. A quick glance at his IMDB page should make it pretty clear this is not someone who should be fronted anything more than a cot in your basement and a slice of meatloaf.

I often think about living in a better world, one where Adam Sandler overdosed on drugs, Lovitz took a bullet to the face, and both Chris Farley and Phil Hartman were out there making movies starring has-been SNL actors funny again. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one; I hope some day you’ll join me and the world will live as one…

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