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Memorial Day

Operation Enduring Freedom Began October 7th, 2001 1790 fatalities among Coalition forces since the war began By year, greatest number of fatalities occurred in 2009 (520) 2010 on pace to have 2nd most fatalities, by year (currently 223) Will be … Continue reading

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John Stossel Gets It Wrong…Again

I should probably be happy that John Stossel has a program on television discussing semi-libertarian views on multiple topics, much like I should be happy that the Paul family is at least vaguely libertarian, making them 200% more libertarian than … Continue reading

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Welcome to the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy

A post, and subsequent discussion on Bad Astronomy regarding a Biology professor at an Oklahoma Community College teaching creationism made me think about Douglas Adams for some odd reason (it was just Towel Day after all). “This is an interesting … Continue reading

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Well, crap

I left planes-into-buildings for this? The major earthquakes that devastated Chile earlier this year and which triggered the catastrophic Indonesian tsunami of 2004 are more than just a distinct possibility to strike the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States, … Continue reading

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Let’s play: Spot the Problem

Time for a game. Can you spot the problem here? Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds. … Continue reading

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Jon Lovitz is a Dead Beat Fan

Courtesy of Amazin Avenue, we learn that unfunny SNL alum Jon Lovitz is being sued by the LA Dodgers Actor/comic Jon Lovitz and others are being sued by the Los Angeles Dodgers over claims they failed to pay nearly $100,000 … Continue reading

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House of Rep approves expansion of DNA database

Courtesy of Kip Esquire last week (yeah, I’m a little bit late getting around to posting this), our esteemed House of Representatives approved a bill that allows collection of DNA from people arrested (read: not convicted) Creepy. And nothing … Continue reading

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On Star Wars Conventions

So, until recently, Star Wars Conventions and their attendees were something that was to be made fun of . . . and nothing else.  I have enjoyed occasionally poking fun at pictures of people who dress up like stormtroopers and … Continue reading

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Mo’ ham, Ed?

from Thousands of users posted illustrations of Muslim prophet Mohammed to the web Thursday, responding to a controversial Facebook group that prompted Pakistan to block access to the social-networking site. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day encourages people to flout the … Continue reading

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Ken Griffey Jr. to Become 3rd Base Coach for Mariners!

Oh damn.  That was just my imagination solving my problems again.

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